Entry #2

Rules To My News Posts!

2011-10-23 12:50:56 by Michaely305

Never write mean comments because i will ban you and delete your comment.
Always write nice comments on my news posts.
Never send PMs or leave comments that had complaints with my news post really mean or bans.


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2011-10-23 12:51:21

This is like Michaely385's Warning Comments!


2011-10-23 12:52:08

I agree with your news post.
This is such a great news post.


2011-10-23 12:52:56

I wish i have popular commented news posts.


2011-10-23 12:53:27

Am i writing to you on comments with you really popularity.


2011-10-23 12:56:06

...Well, at least you learned some grammar this time.